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Holiness Today is the denominational magazine for the Church of the Nazarene and features stories of God at work in the world.

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Reflections on Sermon 7: “The Way to the Kingdom”

These days, many of us rely on GPS and believe it is the best navigator. But on occasion, I’ve doubted that claim. One day, I was heading toward my destination by following GPS directions.

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Reflections on Sermon 73: “Of Hell”

Oh, the agony! To this day, I vividly remember the scorpion sting as if it just happened even though it’s been many years since that day when I was a young boy growing up in India.

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Reflections on Sermon 123: “The Deceitfulness of the Human Heart”

During my father’s first official visit to Mumbai City, he set out to do some shopping in this vast city before returning home after work. In one shop’s showcase, he spied a spectacular dress shirt. It was as white as snow.

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Reflections on Sermon 14: “The Repentance of Believers”

My wife and I serve as pastors to an Asian Indian ministry in the Dallas/Fort Worth area.

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Reflections on Sermon 16: “The Means of Grace”

I once received a gift for Christmas with some assembly required.

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Reflections on Sermon 57: “On the Fall of Man”

The opening line of John Wesley’s sermon, “On the Fall of Man,” poses a question nearly as old as humankind and proposes an answer that would have sparked no controversy in his day and great controversy in ours.

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Reflections on Sermon 58: “On Predestination”

“On Predestination” may seem to have less obvious devotional appeal than any of John Wesley’s many other published sermons.

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